Interesting breakfast options you can have right now!

The importance of having breakfast has been stressed so many times by so many people around the world. The term “breakfast” itself is telling you the fact that you have been fasting for almost 8-12 hours so you need to break it and give your body the much needed energy for the rest of the day’s work.

But why are we missing it very often? There are quite a few reasons  – and one small reason might be that we are bored of the same old breakfast food items. But what if we treat ourselves to interesting and delicious food that serves two purposes – make us feel better to eat and give us the energy required?

Sounds good, isn’t it? Here are some of the unique and interesting breakfast food items you need to try today and feel better about it later!

Grilled Chicken English Muffin Club

A muffin club for a breakfast? Surely, I must be kidding, right? Actually, NO! This is a club sandwich with Muffins that is still wholesome to eat with Grilled Chicken, Lettuce, Tomatoes and Cheese. You can also add Bacon if required. The end product is so good that you will love it and keep coming back for more. Biscuitville’s menu is full of such surprises, so visit a nearby store and enjoy yourself.

See here for more of biscuitville menu

Greek Tzatziki

What is this name? If you are Greek, you will know it. But if you aren’t, you must surely try this hell of a waffle breakfast. The Tzatziki sauce oozes out of the Savory Waffle and is topped with Gremolata and Tomato herbs. Get to City ‘o City at Denver and enjoy this great breakfast.


My favorite food at the Caribou’s. If you are looking for a different Coffee house, Caribou is one where you will find so many varieties of food and beverages. One such is Lumberjack that is made from Cherrywood smoked Ham, bacon, Cheddar cheese, fried eggs and cream cheese all stuffed between hash brown bagels. 

Oh! Not just this. You can treat yourself to some delicious coffee blends at this coffee house.

Visit this link for caribou menu

Apple Cinnamon Pancake

A  pancake? Yeah, why not? And you should know that Pancakes can be fun. With Walker bros at Illinois, there are several flavors of Pancakes that you will love every time. Apple Cinnamon Pancake comes with the Cinnamon twist while the Dutch Baby comes with German Pancake and powdered sugar along with lemon. 

Walker Bros serves several other dishes like Classic Pancakes, Waffles, and some cool crepe creations. 

These are some of the interesting breakfast options for you and of course there are whole lot more which we will share soon.